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Welcome to the obligatory first post of Rated R Cocktails. This is where I am supposed to tell you why we’re here and why you should give a damn. I myself am JFL, a culinary graduate, and lover of all things booze. For the past year I have been sharing that love of fine libations on the radio, and pushing my own boundaries in the realm of mixology.

Lets stop there for a minute and talk about a word. Mixology, some people hate it and find it pretentious nonsense. I use it for my purposes because to this date I have never tended bar professionally, and don’t wish to claim credit where it isn’t due. I am however a culinary grad, certified sommelier, and mixologist who hopes to share his adventures with any who will listen.

My little state of Alabama is many things, but it’s not a bastion of the bar world. Nor is Alabama even a state possessed of renowned booze knowledge and experimentation. We have instead college football, motor sports, and a rather nice white barbecue sauce for poultry.

Rated R Cocktails started as a way to change that. To be a voice that says, hey booze is fun, booze is historical, artistic, and way deeper than most ever imagine. We also like to get toasted every now and then and show off our weird unsophisticated side prouder than we probably should. I keep saying booze because for us it’s more than cocktails. Beer and wine are also things you’ll find here albeit in smaller quantities.

On the radio I produce a drink every week most of them original concoctions, but here I hope to go abit more in depth with the material. This site will also showcase some of the odder projects that the radio just isn’t hungry for.

What are we not? Well we’re not college kids who worship ABV and grain alcohol tang punches. Though we like to make drinks that are tall and strong, with heartier pours than most. We’re also not people that hate sweet things. Sweet drinks can be delicious and wonderful especially when they come with balance and freshness. We’re not perfect either, but our passion drives us to be creative and share the love of the liquor. Sophistication is fun and that will happen, but so will silliness and irreverence. We’ll use the best there is, as well as the most maligned of flavored mass market liqueurs, and almost certainly something you hate once and awhile.

We’re also not your parents, we won’t bid you to drink responsibly or provide you non alcoholic drinks for your next party’s driver. You are adults and you should know to drink responsibly by now. For those who believe in nonsense like moral obligation, have a drink I’m a boracho not a pastor.

* * *


Alright I’m sick of talking about drinking so let me show you abit of what I love.

During the month of July I began to hunger for some vacation and apricots. It was hot and we were doing a month of rum drinks. My goal being to try make the legendary Beachbum Berry proud. (I failed, I know he hates flavored rums but hey, I gotta be me).

Normally I’d like a drink with abit more punch, but the appeal of a drink with fruit flavors as bright as it’s colors was on my mind. I needed a mental vacation, and like fool’s gold I struck upon something to give that momentary elation…with apricots.



Fool’s Paradise


1 ½ oz Pineapple Rum

¾ oz Frangelico

3 oz Orange Juice

1 TBSP Apricot Preserves

2 Lime Wedges

Splash (½ oz) Dark Jamaican Rum

Garnish: Novelty Straw, Lime Wedge

Place lime wedges and preserves in the bottom of a shaker and muddle well. Fill the shaker with ice and add Frangelico, Pineapple Rum, and Orange Juice. Shake well and strain into an ice filled rocks glass through a hawthorn strainer. Splash with roughly ½ oz Dark rum, garnish, and serve.


The months are getting colder, and a rummy fantasy may seem seasonally unsound. But if you find your mind wishing for a moments vacation crank up the heater and strike some fool’s gold of your own.


Until next time,

You Get Hammered America!



About JFL

Joey or JFL as he is known by friends is a culinary trained mixologist from the Heart of Dixie Birmingham, Alabama. From a weekly column in the St. Clair News Aegis to his own experiments online JFL never stops doing work on Tiki and Cocktails. When he's not studying all things spirit, wine, and beer he's pursuing his own odd interests such as cartoons, cheesy old horror movies, horror punk, hair metal, and hockey
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