Rated R Cocktails: East India

This drink harkens back to the days of the British ruling the world and sailing about it I imagine in powdered wigs. Ships from India would pacify their crew with punches made of spiced tea, and alot of booze and ice. Thanks to all the citrus it helped prevent mutiny and scurvy.

So what WAS the booze? Batavia Arrack. From the southeastern Asian isles of Indonesia and Java most likely procured via British piracy from the dutch. this Sugar cane based Rum like spirit is made from Javan Molasses and red rice. This gives it a very earthy almost rubbery flavor.  This is certain to please jaded palates but if you DON’T have access to Van Oosten Batavia Arrack I Recommend 10 cane Rum as a substitute. If your thirsty to find some pirate pliant I suggest a trip to Atlanta be in your future for my fellow Alabamians.

This cocktail was named for the East India company because of it’s spicy notes and Batavia Arrack.


East India Daiquiri
1.5 oz Batavia Arrack
1 oz Lime Juice
.75 oz Domaine De Canton
.5 oz Honey mix
.5 oz Cinnamon Syrup
Dash Peychauds

Shake and Strain into a Chilled Cocktail Glass.

Hopefully you’ll shake up this spicy, sweet treat this week. Until next time, You get hammered America!


About JFL

Joey or JFL as he is known by friends is a culinary trained mixologist from the Heart of Dixie Birmingham, Alabama. From a weekly column in the St. Clair News Aegis to his own experiments online JFL never stops doing work on Tiki and Cocktails. When he's not studying all things spirit, wine, and beer he's pursuing his own odd interests such as cartoons, cheesy old horror movies, horror punk, hair metal, and hockey
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