Saint’s Preserve Us: The Banshee’s Eye

Coconut water is subtle in flavor, but richer than most white spirits in body. It has a unique twang that can lend mystery to cocktails. Though happily procured from whole coconuts there are plenty of brands that produce a not from concentrate coconut water that is very delightful. It is an elegant ingredient and I daresay, in someways, ladylike as a gentleman should treat them with care. Since we are addressing ladies and because we introduced you to a ghostly gentleman last year for the feast of Saint Patrick. So we now must introduce you to his ghastly lady love.


The wicked banshee Mary is one conniving minx, and all around the world her old man she seeks. As he chases women, and his brown liquor drinks, the banshee Mary trails him to end his wanderin streak. For this angry dame a careful mix must meet, of sweet floral liquid build to bring rest to her feet. The strong it must be subtle, to calm her angry will. The sour crafted freshly, and foreign liqueurs fill. Then serve it smiling brightly, with a crooked peel of lime, for if the captain must escape, you must give him time.”


If bad poetry inspires you to drink then your in luck. This drink’s body comes largely from the coconut water lengthener with sweetness added by the Aperol and dominantly the St. Germain. The coconut water also gives a lovely twang further diversified by the Aperol.


Banshee’s Eye

1 ½ oz Matusalem (Or Havana Club) white rum

¾ oz St Germain

¾ oz Coconut Water

½ oz fresh lime juice

¼ oz simple syrup

¼ oz Aperol

Shake with ice and strain into a coupe, garnish with a gnarled lime peel. If more sweetness is desired use vodka instead.


This drink has a nice balance that is largely influence by the rum choice. A dryish rummy flavors melts into notes of sugared grapefruit and bittersweet orange all held together by a tight skeleton of fresh lime. The finish is rich on bittersweet orange and funky coconut. This cocktail is light but full bodied, an effect that must be attributed to the coconut water.


Coconut Month chugs along but trust me brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Unless my hopes are dashed we wanna hack apart a green coconut so we can show you how to make a coconut mug. There’s also coconut milk to think about. Until then…

“You get Hammered America” – JFL


About JFL

Joey or JFL as he is known by friends is a culinary trained mixologist from the Heart of Dixie Birmingham, Alabama. From a weekly column in the St. Clair News Aegis to his own experiments online JFL never stops doing work on Tiki and Cocktails. When he's not studying all things spirit, wine, and beer he's pursuing his own odd interests such as cartoons, cheesy old horror movies, horror punk, hair metal, and hockey
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